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Electrical Lead Stands P/L is the largest distributor of electrical cable / lead stands. The Electrical lead stand is a REGISTERED DESIGN constructed from galvanized steel with an insulated rubber top. The stand is light, weighing only 9kg but due to the galvanized steel construction is extremely sturdy and strong enough to withstand building site conditions. The base is round making it stable in all directions and flat enabling additional weights to be added if required. The bases can easily detach and are stackable for transport and storage. The non - conductive rubber tops can securely hold up to five 10 Amp or 15 Amp electrical leads at once. 


Did you know government legislation requires all electrical extension cables on construction sites to be suspended off the ground?

 “Flexible electrical cords should be run on hangers or stands to provide a safe route through the work area and passageways and to provide sufficient height clearance for personnel and vehicles. Clearances of at least 2 metres should be maintained in work areas where personnel work.”


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Manufactured by B.R.H Steel Constructions


These goods are protected by the Commonwealth Designs Act 1906, by way of registration no. 130734

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